Do You Want 2-5 New Members In Your Primary Business Using Free Or Cheap Traffic Sources?

Revealed: Discover A Traffic Strategy My Team Is Using To Recruit 2-5 Members Per Week Using Free Or Cheap Traffic Sites

Dear Friend,

We live in unprecedented times. Some experts are saying that this pandemic could last 18 months or longer and could include multiple waves of illness.
If you’ve been following the news, you already know the markets are crashing and our economy has ground to a halt.

The government made the right move to save lives and put the entire country in quarantine.
But Now shopping malls are looking like ghost towns…
Automobile Factories are being closed …
And shops, gyms, bars, colleges, schools, and restaurants are all on lock down.
Economists fear that by the time the coronavirus pandemic is over, entire industries could be wiped out and millions of American workers could end up jobless.
This is unprecedented…

Some economists are predicting that a recession even a depression could happen soon.

To put that into perspective, US unemployment peaked at 24.9% during the Great Depression.
In other words, he’s saying this could get worse than the Great Depression.

The only way to prevent a depression from happening is for us to develop a vaccine and beat the coronavirus at the source.
But that could take months…

So What Can You Do?
To protect your family, I would suggest stocking up on essentials.
Make sure you have enough water, basic food, and toiletries to last at least 3 months.

Also I found a revenue stream you can tap into and build an extra-income from the comfort of your own home.

Click here to get details on this website I prepared for you

The payout is good and you can build a team of people who want to make an extra-income from home like you do and make more income.

My team and I have designed a strategy if used correctly, could replace your job income in 10 short weeks.

This strategy has a potential to pay up to $240,000 Annually.

1. You start your business for $100 as a Platinum or $20 as a Gold

2. You refer 2 people in your first week (we will show you how to achieve this with our traffic strategy below)

3. You help them refer 2 each in their first week.

4. They do the same, and so on, and so on...

5. You earn between $4,000 and $20,000 Monthly, that's up to $240,000 per year!

When this hits 10 referral levels, you'll be earning between $4,000 and $20,000 Monthly depending on how many Platinum's and Gold's are in your 2x10 Forced Matrix Network.

How Do I Get 2 People In My 1st Week?

First Traffic Strategy: How To Promote Your Business With The Traffic Sites Owned
By Matthew Graves

This is your first traffic strategy. More will be revealed to you after you have mastered this first one.

Matthew Graves owns 25 traffic sites with a membership in 10,000's members. These members are interested in money making opportunities, affiliate programs, network marketing. If you have a product or service in these niches, you can gain customers from his sites. I use these sites every day and I am getting good success. I can recruit 2-5 new members every week using Matthew Graves traffic sites. To me his sites are goldmine if you know what you are doing.

This strategy can help you recruit 2-5 members every week If you follow these instructions. BUT you need to have a GOOD marketing funnel in place before you do this strategy.

This strategy works like this:
1. Join one traffic site in Matthew Graves family. You can join LEGENDS MAILER here for example.
As a new member of Legends Mailer, you can mail to 2000 people without clicking (this is a time sensitive offer, it might be gone when you see this information)

2. Login into your new site and upgrade to pro membership for 90 days ($19).

3. On the same page you will see an OTO (one time offer) for 10 solo ads at SuperChargedAds. Buy this OTO for $18. As a pro member at Legends Mailer, you will receive 1,000 credits every day.  You will use the credits to send emails to other members (1 member = 1 credit)

4. Inside your member area, click on affiliate sites then on "sites to link". You will see a list of all traffic sites owned by Matthew Graves and partners

5. Click join button for each site. The system will create an account on each site. (time saver)

6. Start collecting credits in each traffic site by reading emails. Have a time of 20-30 min every day to perform this task

7. Once you have enough credits...I recommend at least 1000 credits in each site, click on "send email" button, add and submit your email.

8. This is a big time saver. As soon you have submitted your email to one site, the system asks you if you want send the same email to all "linked" sites. You accept and you email will be sent to all 25 sites owned by Matthew Graves.

Do this strategy constantly and you will become a recruiting machine. This is the same strategy I use to recruit 2-5 new members every week into my primary business.

I highly recommend to use a good marketing funnel that includes a good responsive capture page to build an email list and grow your business. One of the perks I offer to my team is that I will build you a good responsive  marketing funnel at no extra cost.

My marketing funnel is valued at $134. You pay nothing, zero, zilch, nada. This is my way to thank you for partnering with my team in our quest to help 1,000,000 families around the world get out of debt.

What To Do Next?

1. Join our team Here

2. Implement the 1st traffic strategy

3. Contact Charles Aki to build you a marketing funnel at no extra cost. A $134 value!

This site is brought to you by Charles Aki. You can call me at 951-551-9850  or email me with questions.

Earnings Disclaimer: This website is not guaranteeing any income level. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give you an idea of what's possible success in this business. There is no guarantee that you will make an exact amount of money with, and can not guarantee that you will make any money at all.

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